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23 Maart

Explorations Webinar: Anger, Grief and the Climate Emergency

Climate Psychology Alliance – Online Explorations Webinar:

Anger, Grief and the Climate Emergency

Date: Saturday 23rd March 2024

Time: 14:00-17:00 UK time 

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The climate emergency faces us both with irredeemable loss and with systematic injustice. Does it follow that both grief and anger have a powerful positive role to play in our individual and collective response? But what if grief simply encourages acceptance and reconciliation? And doesn’t anger sit uncomfortably with the commitment to non-violent direct action lying at the heart of environmental protest?

This webinar will explore some of the complex relations between grief, remorse, resignation, bitterness and anger. Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) co-founder Paul Hoggett will offer a brief overview of the role of such feelings in political protest based upon his book Politics, Identity and Emotion.

Then Caroline Lucas, who will retire as a Green Party MP at next General Election and hopes to train as a doula to the dying, will be in conversation with CPA members Chris Robertson and Steffi Bednarek.

Attendees will have the chance to participate in group dialogues and reflections during the webinar.

We hope to see many of you there!


  • Non-members: £50
  • CPA Members: £30
  • Concessions: £10

Please follow this link ( to register. 

The webinar is part of a series that seeks not only to explore those questions above but also to fundraise for the running of the Explorations in Climate Psychology e-journal affiliated with the Climate Psychology Alliance. The e-journal sensitively tracks and reflects the pace, rhythms, voices, movements and other expressions of climate psychology that are emerging and aims to be inclusive of the different ways people are experiencing and engaging with one another on the climate and ecological crisis. For more information about the journal, please follow this link (